LINDA EVO AES is the smart and versatile Tecnocare® medical chair with a modern and ergonomic design.

Thanks to the various accessories available for customization, it is suitable for the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. A wide range of colors makes it possible to complete the customization and adapt the chair to the aesthetic of the clinic.

The chair complies with the essential safety requirements as prescribed under the European MDR 2017/745.

The configuration proposed here includes:

Stainless steel lateral tool holder bars
To accessorize the chair with the tools of choice.
Adjustable surgical rotating armrests
With a supportive shape and soft-touch finish, offer excellent ergonomics thanks to the possibility of height, angle and axis adjustment.
COMFORT wide multi-articulated headrest
Featuring a large support surface in line with the backrest and a multi-articulated mechanism that allows it to be placed over the backrest (for patients of short stature), it also allows the head to be positioned at a negative angle, for operations that require the surface of the neck to be exposed by placing it under tension.
Medical Design Lamp
Characterized by high performance and easy handling, with adjustable colour temperature (4000-4500 K) and ambient light, light intensity of 105,000 lux at 0.5 m distance with 25% to 100% regulation.

Standard Features

AES Options

Standard features

  • Complete symmetry, usable by both right and left-handed professionals
  • Fully electromechanical upward, downward and tilt movements of the backrest
  • Backrest movement compensated, up to horizontal position
  • Tilting of the backrest synchronized with the elongation of the leg rest
  • Double-articulated headrest VALE
  • 24 DC linear actuators
  • Safety stops on backrest and lifting arm
  • Three user programmable customized working positions
  • Automatic program for complete return to the patient lowering position (“zero”)
  • Low voltage controls: 5 V
  • Joystick control, on the base
  • Power supply with automatic selection 110V /230V


  • Different headrest models
  • Magnetic cushion C95 or C2002
  • Rotation system around the vertical axis under the chair base (320°)
  • IR remote control
  • Seamless memory foam upholstery
  • Handmade soft-foam upholstery
  • Handmade soft-foam upholstery with contrasting color stitching
  • Stainless steel lateral tool holder bars
  • Surgical armrests
  • Compact Directional Lamp
  • Polyurethane gel handrest

Color Palette

Color Palette